2014 Telematics Uses, Challenges and Opportunities Survey Report


2014 Telematics Uses, Challenges and Opportunities Survey Report

Telematics and GPS (global positioning systems) provide significant benefits to fleet leaders. Many companies utilize these technologies to help control costs and increase efficiency and productivity, as well as improve driver behavior and safety.

In the rapidly growing market of telematics and GPS, understanding the ways in which fleet managers use such systems is crucial for both fleet leaders and the companies that create these programs.

The survey had some interesting findings:

  • Most fleet leaders were either utilizing or plan to utilize telematics.  64% of respondents used telematics or GPS Of the 36% who do not use telematics or GPS, a majority of them stated that they were currently considering or plan to look for a system in the future.  
  • Idle time is the top metric that fleets are monitoring.  The top metric that fleets are monitoring with the use of telematics or GPS is idle time (85%). Other most commonly monitored metrics are speed against posted speed limit (70%) and miles driven (65%).
  • A majority of fleet leaders saw improvement in driver behavior.  Among the respondents, 66% indicated that they saw improvement in driver behavior after utilizing fleet telematics or GPS solutions. Increased fuel savings (59%) and improved driver safety (46%) were also among the most commonly experienced benefits.
  • One of the biggest struggles fleet leaders faced when implementing telematics or GPS is the underutilization of such systems.  Almost 50% of respondents stated that their biggest challenge when using telematics or GPS is its full utilization. 42% of respondents indicated that the inconsistency of data makes using telematics or GPS solutions a struggle. 
  • Poor Return on Investment but good satisfaction rating.  Of the respondents who utilized fleet telematics or GPS, only 33% of them received an ROI. Despite that, the majority of them indicated that they were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their systems.
  • The most compelling factors influencing the selection of a telematics or GPS provider were related to costs.  Respondents ranked device cost, followed by monthly data cost as the top two factors influencing their choice of provider.

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