2017 Telematics Survey Industry Insights


2017 Telematics Survey Industry Insights

Telematics and GPS (global positioning systems) provide significant benefits to fleet leaders. Many companies utilize these technologies to help control costs and increase efficiency and productivity, as well as improve driver behavior and safety. However, many companies have also reported varied levels of satisfaction with their telematics experience.

Understanding the ways in which fleet managers use such systems is crucial for both fleet leaders and the companies that create these programs.

Key Findings:

  • Driver behavior is the top reason why fleets are using Telematics.  Of all the respondents who are currently using telematics, the top reason for using telematics is related to driver behavior such as idling, speeding, miles driven, and unauthorized usage.
  • Most fleet leaders saw an improvement in driver behavior from using telematics.  54% of respondents indicated that they saw improvement in driver behavior after utilizing telematics or GPS in their fleet. Increased fuel savings (49%) and accurate utilization tracking (51%) were also among the most commonly experienced benefits.
  • One of the biggest challenges fleet leaders faced when implementing telematics or GPS is the lack of accountability.  61% of respondents stated that their biggest challenge when using telematics is the lack of use of telematics data to improve fleet operations. 57% of respondents reported that the lack of accountability (e.g. data not used to improve fleet operations) and data issues (e.g. quality, complexity, relevance, application) contributed to their neutral or low levels of satisfaction with their telematics experience.
  • Many fleet leaders are satisfied or very satisfied with their current telematics service provider.  While 28% of respondents felt neutral about their current telematics service provider, 47% of respondents were satisfied and very satisfied with their service provider. Good customer service (e.g. response time, technical support) is the main reason for their overall satisfactory experience.  

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