Battle of the light-duty pickup truck


Battle of the light-duty pickup truck

Source: Utilimarc Fleet analytics and benchmarking company, Utilimarc, put two tough drive types — and data — to the test. With two drive types available in the light-duty pickup truck category, which one is best in the fleet utility space? 

Is the 4×2 really on the outs? Should the 4×4 be the standard for fleets? Utilimarc pulled data from over 50 of our utility fleet benchmarking clients to find out.

Using analytical data from over 8,700 light-duty pickup trucks dating from 2012 to 2016, they were able to reveal patterns of operation and performance between the Ford F150, Chevrolet 1500, and Dodge 1500 that were surprising, interesting, and potentially business changing.

The light-duty pickup trucks were compared across these metrics:

  • Drive type percentage since 2012
  • Average age since 2012
  • Average purchase price since 2012
  • Operating cost (without fuel) per mile
  • Average miles driven per year
  • Average number of days between unscheduled/demand repair by year

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