Driving corporate responsibility to the next level with telematics


Driving corporate responsibility to the next level with telematics

Source: Inthinc Dedicated to providing a safe environment for all its employees, and with over 1800 vehicles in service daily, safety is a critical component of AmeriPride’s business. Although AmeriPride had safety policies and training courses in place, the company felt that they needed a more proactive solution to better protect and engage their drivers. Looking for results and change, a new ‘Safety Driven’ program was launched with the following key performance indicator (KPI) objectives and targeted goals for their fleet and drivers:

  • Reduce speeding events by 50%
  • Increase seat belt use by 50%
  • Improve driver scores to a 4.2+ rating
  • Decrease idle time by 25%

Tasked with addressing the key performance objectives, the AmeriPride’s fleet management team successfully identified a telematics provider and implemented a comprehensive telematics solution across 100% of its North America fleet to meet the objectives outlined in their program.

The results were impressive. One year after implementation, all four targeted KPI areas have achieved substantial improvement and even exceeded targeted KPI goals and expectations:

  • Speeding events have been reduced by 98%
  • Seat belt compliance has increased by 98%
  • Overall driver scores have improved by 85%
  • Idling time have been reduced by 95%

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