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Get involved in FMCSA's Driver Restart Study


Get involved in FMCSA's Driver Restart Study

Source: fmcsa Would you like to have an impact? FMCSA is recruiting truck drivers and carriers willing to participate in a Driver Restart Study. This study will measure and analyze the fatigue and safety performance levels of drivers who take two nighttime rest periods during their 34-hour restart break compared to those who take less than two nighttime rest periods during their restart break.

Drivers will be paid for their participation and carriers may be compensated for lost revenue due to the study and for the cost of installing data collection equipment on their trucks. During the study, participants will drive their normal revenue-producing routes.

The Driver Restart Study will compare data from five months of driver work schedules to assess the following:

  • Safety critical events. 
  • Operator fatigue and level of alertness. 
  • Driver health. 

The study team is actively recruiting participants through their official study website. Interested participants can learn more details about the study on the Restart Study website.