Getting Control of Fuel Costs Webinar Now Available


Getting Control of Fuel Costs Webinar Now Available

With the upward trend in fuel prices, fleet managers often tell us that they are way over budget on fuel costs. View our webinar to discover how you can limit this inflationary spiral, achieve savings and secure predictability in fuel costs.

Learn in our webinar:

• What makes fuel costs so unpredictable

• Possible solutions for securing more predictability in your fuel budget

• Important decision criteria for budget certainty

• Actionable insights to prepare for future changes in fuel prices

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Q&A session

  • How do you see alternative fuels affecting the price of fuel in the near future?
  • Obviously, there is a fee associated with different types of programs, what would be reasonable for a fixed price arrangement or a cap/collar on a per gallon basis?
  • Are there any longer term future pricing that can be used for negotiation?
  • Because of our size, we have had a challenge with our risk department being comfortable with the financial of our some of our fixed price counter-parties. Any recommendations?

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