Improving the use of data for your fleet


Improving the use of data for your fleet

Source: FleetAnswers What can data do for your fleet? No matter the sector, if you use data well, it can do much to improve the overall operations and efficiency of your fleet. The key, however, is using it well. Here are some tips to help make data a more effective tool for your fleet.

Ensure that Data Is Connected

If your fleet is running a variety of fleet management programs, each collecting its own data, you are not making the best possible use of that data. Software that is not connected to other software in the fleet is a waste of time and resources. In order to make data usable in this scenario, it has to be collected from one platform and interfered into another platform for analytics. Instead, choose a system that is fully integrated, offering data collection, analytics and more on one platform.

Use Data to Improve Security

One reason that data is vital to your fleet is the fact that you can use it to make your fleet more secure. The right system gives you the ability to monitor all assets for misuse, dangerous driver behavior and even theft. Data can be broken down either by the system or by the fleet manager to identify trends that need to be stopped in an effort to improve fleet safety.

Use Data to Fix Problems before They Grow

All fleet managers know the truth that small problems with their vehicles can quickly turn into big ones when they are not dealt with. A small noise may mean a simple repair, but if left unchecked, can quickly grow into a costly problem.

The same is true for business behavior. Small issues with drivers can turn into serious risks if left unchecked. Data and telematics systems can be set up so that alerts are sent when a small problem is noticed, so the management team can take measures to prevent it from growing into a big one.

Ensure All Assets Are Used to Their Best Potential

As your fleet grows, its easy to lose track of how assets are being used. Some end up under-used, which means they cost you money without providing much benefit. Data can alert you to those vehicles you are not using, and will also help encourage you to make use of all of your assets, even as the fleet grows and it's more difficult to monitor vehicle usage.

Make Wise Buying Decisions

Data about fuel consumption, safety and vehicle usage is invaluable when it comes time to make a new vehicle purchase. Fleet managers will know exactly what type of vehicle is the most useful and the least expensive for their fleets needs, simply by analyzing the data they have on their existing vehicles. This helps improve purchase decisions and avoid wasted money when the wrong vehicle is added to the fleet.

Data is invaluable to your fleet, and modern telematics systems allow that data to be quickly and conveniently collected, sorted, analyzed and stored. By using it efficiently, you can improve the overall efficiency of your fleet, and get the most potential benefit from your telematics system.