Light Duty vehicle presentation


Light Duty vehicle presentation

Utilimarc database is comprised of State, County, City, Utility and Private fleet data. In 2012, the Utilimarc database will track over 300,000 vehicles. This presentation shows a select subgroup of 41 Utilities with trending data over 2009, 2010 and 2011.

  • 71% of new car purchases in 2011 were alternative fueled vehicles compared to 38% in 2009
  • Hybrid data showed an improved MPG and operating costs compared to compact car
  • GM had the largest market share of new car purchases in 2011

More in this presentation

  • Percentage change of hybrid cars, SUVs, and 4-wheel drive
  • Market share of vehicle manufacturers
  • Comparison of compact car (gas) to Toyota Prius (hybrid) cars
  • Comparison of MD 4x4 pickup to 4x2 pickup
  • Comparison of LD bucket 4x4 to 42
  • Average vehicle age change
  • Average vehicle mileage

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