Motor Vehicle Incidents Survey Report


Motor Vehicle Incidents Survey Report

This report shows the different ways fleet professionals in the industry define and measure motor vehicle incidents as well as the strategies used to reduce the number and rate of motor vehicle incidents.

This survey was conducted for the Southern California Edison.

  • 96% of respondents track their fleet’s motor vehicle incidents
  • 49% of respondents measure the frequency of their motor vehicle incidents using the number of incidents and 36% of them measure the frequency of their incidents using both the rate and number of incidents
  • Over 50% of respondents with a fleet size of more than 100 vehicles count an incident if it occurs when an employee is driving the company’s vehicle to and from work

More in the Motor Vehicle Incidents Survey Report:

  • Rate Calculation
  • Yardstick for the Frequency of Motor Vehicle Incident
  • Frequency and Results of Performance Review
  • Strategies to Improve Safety Performance
  • Definitions of “Incident” and “Property Damage”
  • Conditions when Incidents are Counted
  • Valuable Information on Incident Tracking

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Also view the Qualitative Motor Vehicle Incident Benchmark Data (prepared for SCE) and the Industry Accident Classification (kindly provided by PG&E)