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Telematics Survey Report: Providers, Barriers and Preferred Media


Telematics Survey Report: Providers, Barriers and Preferred Media

When choosing a telematics or GPS provider, today’s fleet managers have a wide range of choices at their disposal. As demand for telematics and GPS increases in the fleet industry, understanding what fleet leaders prioritize when selecting providers, the media they rely on to learn about fleet services, and the effectiveness of media and communication sources are crucial for service providers and those companies who create these systems.

The following survey results offer valuable insights into media consumption preferences and current industry trends:

  • Monthly data cost was the top factor influencing future selection of telematics or GPS provider. The majority of fleet leaders who do not currently use telematics or GPS indicated that monthly data cost, followed by depth and scope of reporting, and scalable solutions with proven results, were among the top three factors influencing their selection of providers when or if they decide to use such technologies.
  • Increased fueling saving was the most important metric affecting purchase decision. The majority of fleet leaders (79%) rated increased fuel saving to be an important or most important metric affecting their decision to use telematics or GPS. Improved driver behavior (74%) and driver safety (71%) were among the three most important metrics influencing fleet leaders’ decision to purchase telematics or GPS.
  • Costs were the most compelling barriers to adopting telematics or GPS. The majority of fleet leaders indicated that monthly data cost (70%) and device cost (57%) were the top two barriers to adoption. Potential driver resistance and skepticism of earning an ROI (both at 48%) tied for the third most common reason for not using telematics or GPS.
  • Webinars were the top most effective ways for vendors to share information about telematics or GPS. Of all the methods of communication, the most effective method to learn about telematics or GPS was through webinars, followed by online demonstrations by service provider and then case studies.
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Part 1 of the report focused on survey respondents who used telematics or GPS in their fleet and on areas they felt worked well and areas that were lacking, which may help impact future purchase decisions. Read the Telematics Uses, Challenges and Opportunities Survey Report.