Why waiting to implement ELD technology is a bad idea


Why waiting to implement ELD technology is a bad idea

Source: FleetAnswers By now, anyone in the fleet industry has already come to terms with the ELD mandate. Since 2016, carriers have had various deadlines to meet in order to remain compliant.

These deadlines extend all the way to December 16, 2019, when the third and final phase will require all carriers to be using certified, registered ELD device on their vehicles. If you are not due to make the change for a while, there are a number of reasons you may want to consider it now.

1. No Scramble to Become Compliant

First, when you wait until your deadline to take the steps necessary to become compliant, you can end up facing a bit of a scramble to find and implement the right technology. Should your drivers and workers have a learning curve to adjust to the new technology, you could end up facing non-compliance without intending to, and the fines that come with it.

2. Time for Implementation

Giving your drivers and team something new to learn takes time. Some drivers, especially seasoned pros, may struggle to learn the new technology. If you wait until the due date the make the change, then your drivers will feel pressure to implement technology they don't understand. Making the change early will give your drivers time to learn and implement the technology.

3. Start Enjoying Benefits Early

The ELD mandate is going to change the way you run your fleet, but there are numerous benefits to these changes. Once you get the technology integrated into your fleet, you will be able to enjoy benefits like:

  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Less time spent managing logs
  • Rounding to the nearest minute for stops to add more driving time
  • Reduce time at inspections
  • Reduce the human error factor in paper logs
  • Improved communication with dispatch

Waiting until the deadline means waiting for these benefits. You have to make the change, so why not do so now?

4. Time to Shop for the Best Products

Any time you wait until a deadline to make a purchase, you limit the amount of time you have to search. While the requirements for your ELD are clear, the rest of the features of these systems vary significantly from one product and service provider to the next. If you make the change early, you buy yourself the time to shop for a product that will meet your needs well and fit within your budget.

5. Improve Your safety Score

Drivers who continue to use paper or eLogs rather than an ELD have more intense scrutiny when stopped for inspection. This is only going to get worse as more and more fleets switch to ELDs. The automatic recording and tamper-proof log is much easier for an inspector to check, and this in turn helps protect your safety score. Also, your ELD can help keep drivers compliant with more than just hours-of-service regulations. The system can be set up to alert you to unsafe driving as well as vehicle maintenance, and all of this combines to make your fleet safer.

As you can see, there are several benefits to making the switch now, even if you are not required to until 2019.

With the benefits of ELDs, why wait?

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