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DVIR Inspection Report


DVIR Inspection Report

I’m interesting in policy about the DVIR inspection reports. How are you managing them?  Where are you keeping the hard copies and who is responsible for maintaining them. What is you process when there is a mechanical issues that needs to be sign off by the mechanic.  With different locations who is in charge of the DVIR inspection reports and does this cascade up to the home office.

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Doug,  We do not have a policy, but I have attached our guidelines or process that covers how we handle DVIR's. For us this has been an issue for years. I convinced the BU's they needed to be responsible for their members, responsible for maintaining record and holding there members accountable. We have approximalty 26 locations and 11 garages, and a number of those facilities w/o garages are a good distance away. Let me know if you have any questions, we can discuss this further.