Enhanced distintion regarding units per mechanic


Enhanced distintion regarding units per mechanic

In order to gain a better comparison across companies regarding units per mechanic,  I'm curious if we can access a comparison to total Internal parts and labor, ie 41 units per mechanic and 20% outside services.

Outside services would include oil change, all PM's washing or any work not performed by company employees.   

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You can not give a mechanic/technician to vehicle number unless you do it for each vehicle class you have.

You need to know how many technicians you need based on a annual productivity bill out hours of 1650 billable hours per year.

Every vehicle class will have a number of technicians needed to service and repair that group. For example you might have 150 mid size staff cars which requires 1.6 technicians to keep on the road and 25 dump trucks which might require .9 miantenance technicians.

After you have calculated this number for each class of vehicles you have, you then add up the numbers and that will give you how many technicians you need to support your agencies vehicles.

Two processes that are used are; APWA's vehicle equivalencies and maintenace Labor-Hours Planing standard.