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Grant fundamentals


Grant fundamentals

What better way to initiate a grant forum than to post a link to a presentation that covers identifying and monitoring the major sources of clean air vehicle grant funding?
Keeping up to date on grants

The East Bay Clean Cities Coalition also has excellent grant funding webpages that identify the major federal as well as state and local resources specific to their region.

Other Clean Cities Coalitions may have similar info available so I strongly suggest connecting with your Clean Cities group. They can be found here -
Clean Cities Coalition

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Hello all,

There are great opportunities in grant funds from vehicle replacement to building, and fuel infrastructure from various agencies. An agency cans even double-dip into several grant funds from different resources for the same project or equipment.

I would recommend hiring a "Grant Writer" as a consult to either find grants, write the application or to perform the quarterly or annual reports, or whatever part you find to be the most valuable asset of the consultant.
I have also listed the most popular places for researching and agencies to partner for funds:

Clean Cities Coalitions
Council of Governments
Regional Air Districts
County or Local
League of Cites

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Here is an updated version of a clean air vehicle grant funding presentation identifying sources of federal state and local grant funding as well as some general grant writing tips. Green Fleet Grant Funding