Mechanic apprenticeship, training and certification programs


Mechanic apprenticeship, training and certification programs

On behalf of NV Energy, FleetAnswers is requesting information on mechanic apprenticeship, training and certification programs used by all types of fleets.

If your organization has documentation on these types of programs to share with other members of FleetAnswers, please email it to (Note that FleetAnswers will review and remove company branding from the documentation before posting it to FleetAnswers.)

We also encourage you to share your information and knowledge on these types of programs by replying directly to this forum thread.

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We adopted ASE certification (on a voluntary basis) as ongoing technician training and pay our technicians for each certificate earned, with a bonus per hour for master certifications. The maximum total pay that can be achieved by an individual is $1.15 per hour. We have found this keeps our technician training up-to-date. Also, the certifications are good for 5 years so to continue the pay, they must retest. If they do not retest or fail to pass a test, the allowance for those certificates are removed.

We tried apprenticeship training with funding by ARRA grant funds in 2010. There are rigorous risk management and HR considerations when doing apprenticeships, so it should not be undertaken lightly. We entered into an agreement with a local community college to be able to recruit their best graduates for our program. Our first technician was paired with experienced technicians to work on our bround range of equipment types, and we especially tried to focus on training for alternative fuel vehicle maintenance and repair.