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Conferences in 2014


Conferences in 2014

I am looking at a USA study tour for a group of Australian local government fleet managers in 2014 and would like to attend a suitable conference as part of the tour.

I thought the American Public Works Association held a 1 day workshop associated with its annual public works congress but this doesn’t appear to be the case. The only other conference I can find is NAFMA but this may be light fleet focussed. I am looking for a conference that covers a the broader local government fleet (plant & heavy vehicles) and might also have an Expo.

We would also like to visit some local governments as part of the study tour.

Can anyone recommend a good conference for local government fleet managers and do you have knowledge of a conferences in 2014?



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Hi, I'm responding on behalf of CShaffer, who wrote:

"The Government Fleet Expo and Conference" is a good conference for local government fleet managers.

You can get more information here -