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data cost collection at component level


data cost collection at component level

We track vehicle cost at the component level using an internal ATA style coding. Currently we input this data via a third party or internally both manually entered. I'm working on importing this data straight from the vendor, I have a majority of the data I need but having difficulties with linking the part our ATA code. Has anyone had any success doing this??

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We have the same issues with our current vendor. We are finding that fleet management companies say they use the standard ATA VMRS three tier codes but in actuality they have a modified set of codes that do not match if you are trying to use the industry standards. The vendor not using the ATA industry standards forces you to create a translation table which is not optimal to pair codes at the component level. We are finding that we may need to do this ourselves which requires more resources than we have or simply accept an inferior set of codes that may only include the first level (system) which is usually teh most congruent. We have found a couple of vendors that offers VMRS codes that are close to the standards. In this order these vendors are most congruent: 1- Ryder, 2. ARI, 3. PHH and 4. Penske. Let us know if you have any luck or find another vendor who actually uses the recognized ATA standard that has een around since 1970.