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Value of NCSFA for State Fleet Administrators?


Value of NCSFA for State Fleet Administrators?

NCSFA stakeholders;

This is a transformation year for the National Conference of State Fleet Administrators (NCSFA) and the current Executive Committee (EC) is seeking feedback as to what's important to State Fleet Administrators and what value NCSFA can offer its stakeholders in the future. The core value and strength of NCSFA has always been its networking and communication between State Fleet Administrators and fleet industry professionals.

State Fleet Administrators, this is your professional organization and your EC is looking at any/all suggestions to increase the value and take-aways to improve your State Fleet operations. Currently under consideration are virtual programs like:

  • Maintaining an informative website with fleet best practices, white papers, solutions, examples, specifications, policies, bids documents, business plans, and other readily available answers to common state fleet issues.
  • Hosting vendor sponsored Training and Web seminars to introduce new industry product offerings.
  • Hosting Fleet Best Practice Webinars with a state fleet bias to improve operational effectiveness and reduce fleet dollars.
  • Continue its renown (impromptu) surveys to solicit immediate feedback from peers in the State Fleet realm.
  • Providing State Fleet related online forums (i.e. FleetAnswers) to communicate, network and seek answers from peers facing the similar issues. Plus seek solutions from the vendor community.
  • Organizing regional 1-2 day conferences in various locations targeting local attendance to combat the restrictions posed on out of state travel. These low cost (low travel) colloquiums will focus on state fleet issues and serve as a forum to network administrators regionally versus nationally.
  • Partner with other professional associations to hold joint meetings targeting local (regional NCSFA attendees) to lessen the travel required.
  • Continue to partner with NAFA to provide the state of the art and most recognized fleet management certification program available in the industry.

Now is your chance! What would you like to see NCSFA become in the future to help you with your complex tasks as a State Fleet Administrator?

Let the EC know your opinion. They want to hear from you!Smile

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FleetAnswers is happy to have NCSFA member, Steve Saltzgiver, engaged in our News section as a contributor!

Be sure to check out Steve's articles in our News Section.


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Many things come to mind as I read Steve's words.  First, I find it disappointing and sad that this intivation to comment is found on FleetAnswers and not in an email from the NCSFA executive directly to members, or on the NCSFA web page.  Perhaps I missed the invitation for input via those means, but I don't think so.

Second, I am disappointed that there are no other "posts" from other NCSFA members, or from any of the Excutive Commitee, to Steve's blog.  Surely someone has something to say.  I will say that I'm afraid I'm pointing at myself in this comment -- since the initial blog has been out there since May, and here it is July.

Regarding what I think NCSFA should become in the future, I would prefer it not become a stepchild of NAFA -- although, I can see that there might be some benefits, especially to those NCSFA members that are also NAFA members.  Being a part of a distinctive "state fleet" organization has value to me.

I see little value in Regional conferences -- unless the intent is to completely do away with the annual conference.  I think most members would end up choosing the regional confernece and the National conference would decline even further.  I do believe that shifing to a biennial conference might be worth considering.  "Off year" regional conferences might then be of value.

Webinars, or some other "stay at home" participation in existing regional conferences might be worth looking into.  Being able to "web in" to a session that is part of the RMFMA (I think that's right) could be valuable.

FleetAnswers seems to be a gread addition to member "benefits".

The NCSFA Web Page needs some serious attention -- as it has for several years.  At this point, it is almost embarassing, and certainly not conducive to luring new members.  Today, I couldn't even find a place to log in as a member.  And the announcement that NCSFA is partnering with NAFA offers a link for "additional details" but the link provides very little information -- such as will NCSFA members only get member rates at the NAFA conference, or will there be special "state fleet" targeted sessions, or other "details" ragarding the benefits of partnering -- and going -- to the conference. 

AND, the "Rates/Fees" tab has in the Rates column "New Rates.  Call Now!"  Sounds like a Used Car Add!!

Vendor sponsored training and web "webinars" are a great idea, especially if it can be done at no cost to NCSFA -- as it should be, since at leat in part, those webinars can end up providing vendors an opportunity to advertise.  Heck, in some situations, maybe they should pay NCSFA.....

Topical webinars on state fleet issues is a great idea -- although I see potential for reducing incentive to attend the annual conference.

Using SurveyMonkey for doing surveys has been great and should be continued.

And since many of the ideas discussed could/should reduce the operating costs of NCSFA, membership dues should be concurrently reduced -- if at all possible.  Although, I recognize that the annual conference (which was "posponed" for 2010, provides a significant portion the operating funds.

Having said all that, I must point out that NCSFA has been an extremely valuable and worthwhile organization for me.  I intend to continue membership (providing my department will allow it) and continue hope we remain a vialbe organization.

Ok.  Nuf said.  Someone elses turn.

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When I first became a member of NAFA and NCSFA in 2002, my first conference that I attended was NAFA.  It was so big, I felt lost and didn't get anything out of the conference. 

My first NCSFA conference was in Keystone and the environment and conference were more along the lines of what I feel is beneficial as a learning environment.  As a new fleet manager, I received more information at that conference than I could have hoped for. 

I missed not being able to go to NCSFA last year and was planning on attending this year.  My hopes are that the states lift their travel restrictions and allow its fleet managers to attend these important conferences.

I get more out of the discussions between my peers when it is "live", not to mention that I miss the T-shirt swaps.  I have always felt the annual conference was beneficial and have always come back with something to improve the quality of our department.

In these economic times, I feel that we are all feeling the strains.  I agree that the regional meetings could be beneficial, but truly look forward to the annual conferences. 

I will remain a member of NCSFA as long as I am a fleet manager.  The fellowship that it brings is priceless.


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