Question about Ford SUV interceptor


Question about Ford SUV interceptor

I'm asking this question on behalf of fleet manager, SWagner from Walla Walla County Public Works, who wrote:

"I just put two new Ford SUV interceptors into service and both deputies have mentioned the A/C does not cool when the vehicle is idling.  I wonder if this is a common problem on the new cars and if so has another agency found a way to address the issue yet? "

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks. 

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I'm responding on behalf of Zachery from PG&E, who wrote:

"If it helps, I've found on fleet vehicles two things to check before further troubleshooting:

1) check that the evaporator drain isn't clogged 2) make sure that the floorboard where the evaporator is isn't stuffed full of clothes and lunch boxes and misc. belongings that accumulate

Both of these cause poor heat transfer and is a little more noticeable with low ram air through the condenser"