Vacuum Trucks


Vacuum Trucks

My operations group is interested in-sourcing our vacuum excavation work.  In order to do that we need to acquire a large truck mounted vac unit.  This is one piece of equipment that I know nothing about.  From an electric utility perspective what key features should I be looking for?  What brands should I consider or not?  What size intake work best?

This machine would be used primarily for pole hole excavation in metro areas.  The soil it would work in is ranges from sandy, to broken basalt, to large river rocks.  Occasionally, it would be used for primary and secondary fault excavation.

What are the things that have tripped you up in buying one of these machines that we can learn from?  Thank you for your help

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Greg, send me an email directly and I will help.  I have some specificaiton and have purchased 3 of them.  My email is