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Safer Braking Technology


Safer Braking Technology

Pulse is a proven, cost effective rear end collision avoidance system that can measurably reduce the risk of being rear-ended.  When you step on the brake pedal, Pulse causes the 3rd brake light to pulse 4 times.  This warns “the other guy” behind you that you are slowing or stopping.  Rear-end collisions are the one accident drivers cannot prevent, yet 90% of them are avoidable if there is one extra second of warning.  Pulse offers this extra second of warning!  

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (49CFR571.108) restricts flashing lights to emergency vehicles, but “flash” is a defined term as on/off operation. The FMVSS also specifies a range of minimum and maximum photometric values the brake lights have to emit.  Pulse never allows the light goes all the way “off”, therefore it doesn’t flash.

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