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Report: 1/2 Ton pickup truck data

This report is derived from the data of 40 of Utilimarc's utility clients and their active 1/2 ton pickups. The sample included over 5,500 F150s and Chevy 1500s. The data being used is representing the patterns we have seen from the industry average of the selected sample.

Vehicle Replacement Survey points to mileage and age as major factors

Source: FleetAnswers One of the largest expenses fleets face is the expenses they have when replacing a vehicle. Utility fleets often face some of the highest, as their unique vehicles have a high replacement costs. Utilimarc recently surveyed a group of utility companies in the United States and Canada to determine what factors were considered in their replacement policies. Understanding the results of this survey will help fleets who are establishing their own replacement policies make the best decisions for their fleets.

Key Performance Indicator Survey

The Key Performance Indicator report focuses on the measures and metrics that fleet managers use to understand their fleet, and the decisions they make based on these important measures. This report summarizes the results of a survey of 25 large North American fleets on their KPI.

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Mechanic Spotlight Report

This report highlights the distribution of wages among mechanics from the municipal and utility markets. 32% of utility companies pay mechanics between $33.57 and $36.59 an hour. 70% of municipalities pay mechanics less than $33.56 an hour. These results are based on actual data from over 75 utility and municipal clients across the United States and Canada.

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Police Patrol Vehicle Spotlight

With the retirement of the Crown Victoria, police departments are looking for alternative models for their patrol vehicles. This spotlight highlights the results of a case study comparing the performance of the Chevy Tahoe and Impala as patrol vehicles.

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Ford Escape Vehicle Spotlight

The graph in this spotlight report shows the Ford Escape Hybrid's trending operating cost per mile against its gas engine counterpart. The report also compares the average annual mileage, miles per gallon, unit age, and parts and labor cost of the Ford Escape Hybrid against its gas engine counterpart.

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It's Electrifying: The Electric Vehicle Webinar

Watch this webinar featuring industry leaders, FedEx and PG&E, as they discuss how plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) have increased productivity, efficiency, and profits for their companies, as well as what you can learn from their experiences.

Police Patrol Vehicle Marked Squad Sedan

This report provides information on the average annual cost operating cost per mile, hours of internal technician labor, miles driven by unit age as well as manufacturer market share.
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Fire Pumper Truck Vehicle Spotlight

The graph shows the maintenance repair cost by type. The spotlight report also includes average annual mileage, miles per gallon, unit age, and parts and labor cost of a fire pumper truck vehicle.

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Municipal Vehicle Spotlight

The spotlight report shows the average annual mileage, miles per gallon, annual unit age and annual parts and labor cost of a side loader refuse truck.

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