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Prius Vehicle Spotlight

The graph shows Prius trending operating cost per mile against compact gas sedans, such as the Ford Focus or the Chevy Cavalier.

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Light Duty vehicle presentation

Utilimarc database is comprised of State, County, City, Utility and Private fleet data. In 2012, the Utilimarc database will track over 300,000 vehicles. This presentation shows a select subgroup of 41 Utilities with trending data over 2009, 2010 and 2011.

  • 71% of new car purchases in 2011 were alternative fueled vehicles compared to 38% in 2009
  • Hybrid data showed an improved MPG and operating costs compared to compact car
  • GM had the largest market share of new car purchases in 2011

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Green Fleet Policy Discussion

A conference call was held to discuss the topic of green fleet policy within utility organizations. A summary of the discussion as well as an audio recording are both available for your review.

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ALTEC ePTO Presentation

Learn the motivations for electric PTO (power take off), work or drive cycle, purchase considerations, maintenance, requirements and savings.

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Green Fleet Video

This video features a case study of the hybrid truck market.

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Telematics ROI Webinar

Listen to a FleetAnswers webinar, featuring our GPS/Telematics Expert, Telogis, cover the topic of Fleet Location Intelligence. This presentation includes a live demo of Telogis Fleet.

Date of webinar: June 29th, 2010.

Note: The audio begins at 1 minute 35 seconds.

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Getting Control of Fuel Costs Webinar Now Available

With the upward trend in fuel prices, fleet managers often tell us that they are way over budget on fuel costs. View our webinar to discover how you can limit this inflationary spiral, achieve savings and secure predictability in fuel costs.

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Exclusive Report on Fleet Environmental Performance

Environmental performance is an increasingly important area of focus for all types of vehicle fleets. As with other critical areas of performance, benchmarking against peers is an important, objective way to measure the effectiveness of a fleet organization’s effort to identify opportunities for improvement. The survey results will enable participating commercial fleets to better understand the effectiveness of their current environmental programs, identify characteristics that are consistent among leading programs and demonstrate effective strategies for reducing vehicle fleet environmental footprints.

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