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2017 Telematics Survey Industry Insights

Telematics and GPS (global positioning systems) provide significant benefits to fleet leaders. However, many companies have also reported varied levels of satisfaction with their telematics experience.

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2016 Telematics Patterns, Trends, and Challenges

This 2016 survey focused on fleet managers and directors who use telematics in their fleet. The survey covers areas such as reasons for using telematics, metrics they are monitoring, improvements and challenges when using telematics.

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Telematics Survey Report: Providers, Barriers and Preferred Media

This 2014 survey report focused on factors influencing selection of providers, barriers to adopting telematics or GPS, types of media sources fleet managers use to learn about fleet services and effectiveness of communication methods.

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2014 Telematics Uses, Challenges and Opportunities Survey Report

This 2014 survey focused on respondents who use telematics or GPS in their fleet. The survey covers areas they felt worked well and areas that were lacking - key performance indicators, benefits and challenges, return on investment (ROI) and overall satisfaction level.

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Boom Operations Monitoring Survey Report

A recent survey shows how fleet managers are using telematics to monitor boom operations. The survey looks at how telematics is used to monitor Power Take Off (PTO), additional ways to monitor boom usage, and the overall utilization of telematics to monitor boom operations.

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Utility Company Replacement Policy Survey Report

This survey presents the results from utility companies with a vehicle replacement policy. The report covers the number of companies with a vehicle replacement policy, replacement age, replacement lifetime mileage, and replacement lifetime engine hours.

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Motor Vehicle Incidents Survey Report

This report shows the different ways fleet professionals in the industry define and measure motor vehicle incidents as well as the strategies used to reduce the number and rate of motor vehicle incidents.

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View the Qualitative Motor Vehicle Incident Benchmark Data (prepared for SCE) and the Industry Accident Classification (kindly provided by PG&E)

PM Quality & Vehicle Decommissioning Survey Report

This survey analyzed the quality of preventive maintenance and best practices for vhicle decommissioning among fleets in North America.

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Vehicle Trends & Maintenance Costs Survey Report

This survey report analyzed the parts and labor costs of fleets in North America, with an emphasis on alternative fuel vehicles such as the fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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Electric Utility Fleet Best Practices Survey Report

This report provides an overview of electric utility fleet managers’ practices with regards to preventive maintenance, testing of aerial equipment, and training of fleet technicians. This survey was conducted for the 2012 Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference and results were presented at the conference.

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