Industry Trends


In-Vehicle Device Policy

This report contains information about the percentage of fleet organizations that have policies regarding in-vehicle use of devices, the nature of the in-vehicle device policies, and the operation of the devices within the vehicle.

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Monitoring and Tracking Vehicle & Equipment Utilization

This report provides information from utility fleets regarding their actions taken to monitor and track vehicle and equipment utilization.

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Take-Home Vehicles as % of Utility Fleet

Find out the percentage of take-home vehicles in utility fleets according to vehicle class types.

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Municipal Vehicle Replacement Trends Survey Report

Find out if municipal fleets are extending their vehicle lifecycle/replacement schedules at a city, county or state level.

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2012 Vehicle Acquisition Survey Report

Find out in the 2012 Vehicle Acquisition Report:

  • The vehicle acquisition strategies and budget of fleet organizations in North America
  • Replacement plan of fleet organizations
  • The role of electric and natural gas vehicles in fleet organizations in the future
  • Manufacturer choice of fleet organizations

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