Impact of region and operational locations on median salary

Source:FleetAnswers Want to know what factors impact fleet professionals' annual median salary in 2018 but do not have time to read the full report? This infographic highlights the impact of geographical region and operational locations on annual median salary. 

Fleet management comp survey_2

2018 Annual median salary of fleet managers

Source: FleetAnswers No time to read the full survey report? This infographic highlights factors impacting fleet professionals' annual median salary in 2018.

Are fleet managers satisfied with the workplace?

Source: FleetAnswers For companies who have fleets, those fleets are critical to the success of the company. Companies pour thousands into keeping the vehicles running well and the people associated with those fleets happy. A well-run fleet starts with satisfied management, so it is critical to know what the satisfaction rates are for fleet managers and leaders.

A closer look at fleet management compensation

Source: FleetAnswers How happy are fleet managers with their jobs? FleetAnswers aimed to find out with the 2018 Fleet Management Compensation Survey. This survey analyzed the factors that contributed to income levels as well as measured the overall median salary for fleet managers directors, supervisors and professionals. Here's an overview of the data and its potential meaning.

Truth behind light-duty bucket trucks

Source: Utilimarc With over 100 years of reliability and usefulness in the utility industry, is the light-duty bucket truck still on an upward swing? Utilimarc wanted to find out if the aerial lift vehicle performance was constantly improving, holding still — or worse — falling flat.

Diesel technician shortage and its impact on today's fleets

Source: FleetAnswers Keeping a fleet running efficiently and effectively requires a strong team. Drivers, fleet managers and maintenance techs all must work together to keep the cars and trucks in any fleet on the road and operating at optimal efficiently. Unfortunately, one key component of this chain is facing shortages, and that is the maintenance component.

Safety tip - Dealing with aggressive drivers

Source: FleetAnswers Aggressive drivers are a fact of life on American roads, but for fleet management and fleet drivers, aggressiveness on the road opens a large list of potential problems. Not only do fleet managers and drivers need to be aware of their own tendencies to be aggressive, but they also must be aware of the behavior of others who share the road with them. Aggressive drivers are more likely to cause an accident, and in a fleet an accident creates costs and liability that need to be avoided.

Benefits of accurate field data in real time

Source: FleetAnswers In a fast-paced and increasingly demanding market, fleet managers need the right data to make informed decisions. However, the timeliness of that data is also critical. Without data in the right time frame, fleets will struggle to make the right changes that will optimize effectiveness.

Practical ways connectivity increases fleet effectiveness

Source: FleetAnswers Keeping a fleet running efficiently is the main goal of the modern fleet manager. Connectivity and real-time data are both key to this. With the right information and connection to your drivers and workers, you can leverage your fleet as effectively as possible. Here are some practical ways you can use this type of connectivity to keep your fleet operating at its best.

Battle of the light-duty pickup truck

Source: Utilimarc Fleet analytics and benchmarking company, Utilimarc, put two tough drive types — and data — to the test. With two drive types available in the light-duty pickup truck category, which one is best in the fleet utility space? 

Is the 4×2 really on the outs? Should the 4×4 be the standard for fleets? Utilimarc pulled data from over 50 of our utility fleet benchmarking clients to find out.


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