Large Online Social Network for Fleets, FleetAnswers, Partners with Chevin

FleetAnswers and Chevin have recently partnered to provide fleet professionals with valuable fleet information and resources. Through this partnership, Chevin has been established as the Fleet Management Information Systems Expert on the 'Ask the Expert' panel within FleetAnswers. Members of FleetAnswers are now able to reach out and anonymously submit questions about fleet management information systems to Chevin. All questions and answers are archived on FleetAnswers and are easily accessible to FleetAnswers members.

Shop & Technician Productivity Case Study

Improving the productivity of vehicle maintenance and shop operations is an ongoing challenge for fleet managers. For most fleet maintenance operations, contributors to this productivity include shop design, technician proficiency and selection of tools and equipment.

Who's Looking Out for your Best Interest?

Recently I took my personal car into a well known national vendor to get the brakes repaired. This experience reminded me why I’m such an advocate of using a qualified technicians or an outsourced maintenance contractor to reduce vehicle costs.

AlertDriving & FleetAnswers Partnership

The newest addition to the FleetAnswers Vendor Solutions section is AlertDriving, a global leader in providing fleet risk management solutions. FleetAnswers members can now access information about AlertDriving and its services by logging into FleetAnswers and clicking on the Vendor Solutions tab.

2010 Fleet Manager and Director Compensation Survey

Over 200 Fleet Managers and Fleet Directors from 42 states and Canada participated in the 2010 FleetAnswers Fleet Manager and Director Compensation Survey. 82% of participants are Fleet Managers and 18% are Fleet Directors. The survey analyzed the 2010 average salary for a Fleet Manager and Fleet Director and the driving factors that contribute to earning a specific annual salary. This report highlights these factors as well as any changes in 2010 salaries compared to 2009.

FleetAnswers is working with Fortune 500 Electric and Gas Utility Companies

18 out of the 25 electric and gas utility companies listed on the Fortune 500 list from the May 3, 2010 issue of Fortune magazine are participating in the 2010 Utilimarc utility fleet benchmarking study. Utilimarc is the official benchmarking partner for FleetAnswers members.

FleetAnswers: The Source for Fleet Answers

FleetAnswers provides fleet professionals with the opportunity to find the answers they need relating to fleet. Whether they want to reach out and send a secure message to their peer who is halfway across the country or start a discussion about tires within the forum, there are many ways in which a fleet professional can leverage the collective knowledge base and resources of the entire fleet community to obtain the answers they need within a short amount of time.

About FleetAnswers

FleetAnswers is a free networking community for fleet professionals from all industries to connect, share and learn from one another in a secure environment. Our community consists of experienced fleet professionals from Utility, Municipal, Private, and several other fleet industries. The individual fleet participant can leverage the collective knowledge and resources of the entire fleet community through sophisticated messaging functions and a cutting edge Forum platform while having access to the most relevant industry information and fleet benchmarking data.

FleetAnswers, CALSTART Team to Bring Alternative Fuel Technology Performance Benchmarks and Consulting to Market


Recent CALSTART Press Release Features Benchmarking Partner, FleetAnswers

Pasadena, CA & Minneapolis, MN – CALSTART, North America’s leading clean transportation technology and policy consortium, and FleetAnswers, a secure networking community for fleet professionals, announced today that the two have joined forces to bring the most up-to-date information regarding green truck technology and fleet benchmarking data to the companies that need it.
Through its partnership with benchmarking firm, Utilimarc, FleetAnswers will be the benchmarking partner for CALSTART, and CALSTART will serve as the green fleet expert for FleetAnswers, with CALSTART Senior VP Bill Van Amburg as the consulting resource.

Fleet Benchmarking Expert

FleetAnswers recognizes experts in the fleet industry by allowing the members of our community to reach out and ask these experts questions that fall under one of the following fleet related categories:


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