FleetAnswers, CALSTART Team to Bring Alternative Fuel Technology Performance Benchmarks and Consulting to Market


Recent CALSTART Press Release Features Benchmarking Partner, FleetAnswers

Pasadena, CA & Minneapolis, MN – CALSTART, North America’s leading clean transportation technology and policy consortium, and FleetAnswers, a secure networking community for fleet professionals, announced today that the two have joined forces to bring the most up-to-date information regarding green truck technology and fleet benchmarking data to the companies that need it.
Through its partnership with benchmarking firm, Utilimarc, FleetAnswers will be the benchmarking partner for CALSTART, and CALSTART will serve as the green fleet expert for FleetAnswers, with CALSTART Senior VP Bill Van Amburg as the consulting resource.

Fleet Benchmarking Expert

FleetAnswers recognizes experts in the fleet industry by allowing the members of our community to reach out and ask these experts questions that fall under one of the following fleet related categories:

FleetAnswers/CALSTART Partnership


Your Alternative Fuel Fleet Benchmarking Solution

FleetAnswers has partnered with CALSTART to provide its members with fleet benchmarking services with a focus on analyzing a fleet’s data at a vehicle class specific level. The benchmarking services will be exclusively provided by our official fleet benchmarking partner, Utilimarc. Utilimarc has been benchmarking large, diverse fleets in 48 states for nearly 10 years.

Municipal Fleet Benchmarking Effort Update

Participation in the Utilimarc municipal fleet benchmark effort has dramatically increased over the past few months. The list below represents fleets that Utilimarc is currently working with in an effort to provide secure, online fleet benchmarking. Some offerings in the Utilimarc fleet benchmark include lifecycle modeling, staffing ratios, emergency vehicle maintenance data and cost-per-mile analysis.

Economic Impact of Investment in Alternative Fuel Technologies

Boosting the fuel economy of new medium- and heavy-duty vehicles could create more than 120,000 new jobs nationwide by 2030, curb U.S. oil dependence, and save truckers thousands of dollars annually at the gas pump, according to a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and CALSTART. Using existing and emerging fuel-saving technology, the United States could save four times more oil on an annual basis by 2030 than the volume expected from expanded offshore drilling in that same year.

Fleet Police Vehicles Idling Policies

FleetAnswers has recently provided two new city fleet idling policies to its members. One of these policies addresses police vehicle idling and the other outlines guidelines for a public works fleet department idling policy. Both of these city fleet idling policies are available on

Specifying Alternative Fuel Vehicles Case Study

Making the case for alternative fuel powered vehicles in fleet operations can be a complex process. In addition to considering potential fuel savings, for example, any return on investment equation must also take into account operator productivity, maintenance needs, technician training, parts, fuel infrastructure and total cost of ownership. Not to be overlooked are available tax credits and state sponsored incentive programs that support these purchases.

Fleet Benchmarking Services

FleetAnswers has partnered with Utilimarc, a nationally recognized fleet benchmarking firm. Utilimarc has served fleets in 48 states for nearly 10 years and has developed a reliable, patent-pending fleet benchmarking methodology that is nationally recognized in the fleet industry and available to both utility and municipal fleets. The Utilimarc benchmark serves as a tool for the individual fleet to compare a variety of performance metrics with their industry peers at a vehicle class specific level.

Recap Tire Programs Survey

FleetAnswers engaged its members in a survey effort to help the fleet community better understand the effectiveness of a recap tire program. Participants were asked numerous questions about the benefits and drawbacks of this type of a program within their fleet operation. The results yielded a strong opinion about the use of a recap tire program within a fleet operation. The results have been collected and are available to all FleetAnswers members.

Fleet Benchmarking Testimonials

Through our partnership with Utilimarc, FleetAnswers offers fleet benchmarking services to both utility and municipal fleets. Utilimarc has worked with fleets in 48 states for nearly 10 years and has developed a reliable, patent-pending benchmarking methodology that is nationally recognized in the fleet industry.


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