Municipal Fleet Benchmarking Participants

Through our partnership with Utilimarc, FleetAnswers is currently working with the following fleet organizations to provide secure, online fleet benchmarking. Some offerings in the Utilimarc fleet benchmark include lifecycle modeling, staffing ratios, emergency vehicle maintenance data and cost-per-mile analysis.

Municipal Fleet Benchmarking

Utilimarc has expanded its fleet benchmarking services to municipal fleets through the development of a municipal fleet benchmark study.

The Utilimarc municipal fleet benchmark study currently has over 30 city, county, and state fleet participants, and provides highly sought after municipal fleet benchmarking data to these participants. Through secure, online access to the Utilimarc municipal fleet benchmark study, the individual municipal fleet is able to compare its performance to its peers’ performance on a variety of valuable benchmarking metrics, including:

The FleetAnswers Forum

As a FleetAnswers member, you are able to discuss fleet related topics and issues with your peers in a secure environment, the fleet forum. Our fleet forum allows the individual member to pose a question to a large audience of experienced fleet professionals to gather insights and knowledge about an issue facing their own fleet. More so, members can access a live, ongoing discussion in the fleet forum at their convenience and choose to participate when forum topics are particularly intriguing or interesting.

Fleet Management 101 - Fleet Management Purpose

What is the object of Fleet Management?
Those of us in fleet are often asked; “What is the purpose of fleet management and why this is important to my organization?” The answer is not a simple one but those of us dedicating our careers to fleet management know it is more than simply owning and operating a vehicle. In fact, a full understanding of fleet management is generally a very difficult proposition because true fleet management is knowledge of a complex set of principles used to manage a fleet of vehicles efficiently and effectively. A fleet manager knows the difference between lease versus purchase decisions, asset utilization principles, cost versus benefit analyses, opportunity cost principles, present value of money, life cycle modeling and other complex financial theories.

Outsourcing Repairs: When does it make sense?

I see a lot of fleet organizations failing by trying to do everything by becoming an expert in everything. This is an impossible task in today’s world of specialization! Rather organizations should determine what they do best and stick to those core tasks.

Hidden Cost of Not Replacing Vehicles - Accidents?

The likely single largest expense of owning and operating a fleet of vehicles is in fact the liability costs associated with vehicle accidents. However, this is often a overlooked expense because it is often regarded as a Risk issue, meaning Fleet and Risk departments need to work closely together on mitigating the organization's total exposure. It's no secret we live in a very litigious society and law suits are more common place than households with two vehicles. In today's world, lawyers are monitoring police channels trying to get a jump on their next pay check.

Single Best Fleet Management Practice

We are all discriminating consumers by nature, meaning we are always looking for the next great bargain. This innate gift allows us to go after the best deal we can find whenever we make a purchase. In addition most of us are frugal and would not waste money if it were brought to our attention. After all, the value of money is what drives most of us in this capitalistic society.

Purchasing Power

Effective parts procurement and inventory control programs are a key element in the successful management of any fleet maintenance operation. For utility fleets in particular, this task can be especially challenging considering the extensive range of parts required for the variety of vehicles and types of equipment in these types of operations.

Challenges in Public Fleet Management

These past couple of years have been extremely challenging when it comes to effectively managing a fleet of government vehicles. These challenges include the following:

Fuel Purchasing Alternatives Practices Case Study

Greatly impacted by changing economic conditions, the price of fuel is one measure that fleet managers take regularly. Effective fuel purchasing and usage management programs are a main element in successfully keeping fuel and fueling costs in check.


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