The future of EV: Chevrolet announces next-generation Bolt

Source: Chevrolet has confirmed production of its next generation long-range and all-electric vehicle based on the Bolt EV concept. Read about its innovative engineering and design that is designed to push the envelope both technologically and aesthetically. Read more

6 tips to improve fuel economy

Source: FleetAnswers Even with lowered fuel prices, fuel economy and fuel use remains one of the biggest expenses for the modern fleet. As you consider ways you can lower your fuel costs and improve your overall fuel efficiency, consider implementing these tips in your fleet's operations.

General Motors (GM) announces 2015 City Express

Source: FleetAnswers  The 2015 City Express from GM is an innovative vehicle that the modern fleet will be able to embrace and enjoy as it works to make its fleet more effective and efficient.

Gas prices lowest since 2009, diesel seeing less benefit

Source: FleetAnswers Across the country, consumers and fleet managers alike have rejoiced as gas prices have dropped significantly. In fact, gas prices are now at the lowest point they have been since 2009, hovering around $2 a gallon in many parts of the country. For fleet managers, understanding the reasons behind this drop will help them make informed decisions for the future of their fleets.

Reasons for the Drop

Crowd sourcing data helps truck fleets in bad weather

Source: Fleetowner Bad weather conditions such as winter storms can have a severe impact on the supply chain, which makes proactive measures critical for fleet operators. Fleet operators are not only relying on modern software tools but crowd-sourced data and social media platforms to assist drivers in real-time. Read more

Closing the recruiting and retention gap through creative strategies

Source: CCJ Increasing drivers' pay is only part of the strategy needed to increase overall recruitment and retention rate in the trucking industry. This article briefly addresses ongoing and new creative strategies that might help attract new and retain current truck drivers. Read more.  

Eco-Friendly vehicle trends for 2015

Source: Fleetanswers Is 2015 the year your fleet is going to adopt an alternative fuel vehicle? If it is, you are in good company. The use of alternative fuel vehicles among fleets of all sizes is growing, leading to some interesting trends in 2015.

New Vehicle Technology

How preventative maintenance timing reduces lost revenue

Source: FleetAnswers Reactive fleet maintenance-as opposed to proactive-can reduce a business’s revenue dramatically, and in many cases cause a business to ‘belly up’ due to litigation through negligence.

A successful business will always afford preventative fleet maintenance the highest priority. Few aspects of a business can result in such a reduction in revenue, or costs of litigation. The liability through negligence resulting in an accident due to mechanical failure can be devastating.

Thinking ahead of the expected e-log mandate

Source: CCJ By September this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration plans to issue a final rule to mandate the use of electronic logging devices, which means e-logs will soon become the 'new standard' for commercial drivers. This article includes five useful criteria - adaptability, maximizing payback, bulletproof compliance, automated workflow, and future integration, for assessing and evaluating electronic logging devices ahead of the 2015 mandate. Read more

Changes in the five-star safety rating

Source: Detroitnews The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Thursday that two automatic emergency braking systems, crash imminent braking and dynamic brake, will be added to the recommended safety features. These new recommendations will not take effect until after the public has a chance to provide at least 60 days of comments.


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