Evolution of fleet consulting

Source: Utilimarc With today’s upper-management expectation of real-time analytics, data driven decisions, and reduced support staff, the fleet industry needed a drastic change in the consulting approach.  The fleet professionals today are overloaded by data from their financial, FMIS, HR, fuel system, work order system, and telematics. The need to integrate all of the various sources becomes more apparent.

4 Key Components of Fleet Planning Strategies

Source: FleetAnswers Fleet managers spend much of their time planning for the next stage of their fleet. From the purchase of new vehicles to the maintenance schedule good planning requires prioritizing the needs of the company and the fleet. When considering planning strategies, fleet managers must consider four key priorities.

1. The vehicles

Pickup truck survey shows increased costs but decreased maintenance

Source: FleetAnswers Utility companies rely heavily on pickup trucks to get their work done, including both 4x2 and 4x4 options. Utilimarc has surveyed 40 utility clients about the costs and usage of their 1/2 ton pickup trucks. Understanding these results can help utility companies make informed decisions about future budgeting and purchase choices.

Costs associated with Pickup Trucks

Using crash avoidance technology safely

Source: FleetAnswers For the modern fleet, avoiding crashes is of the utmost importance, ranking almost as high as limiting fuel use and improving driver efficiency. Crashes damage a company's reputation, increase insurance costs and crash avoidance technology is not a new player in the world of fleets, but it is becoming increasingly intelligent, providing drivers with a greater ability to avoid unwanted crashes.

Falling battery prices may lower maintenance costs for Evs

Source: FleetAnswers As companies and consumers alike look towards options to create a more sustainable future, an emphasis on alternative fuel vehicles, especially for commercial fleets, continues to grow. Electric vehicles are one of these types of alternative fuel vehicles. One of the factors that has limited the full embracing of electric vehicles (EVs) is the higher cost of the batteries used to power these vehicles.

Report: 1/2 Ton pickup truck data

This report is derived from the data of 40 of Utilimarc's utility clients and their active 1/2 ton pickups. The sample included over 5,500 F150s and Chevy 1500s. The data being used is representing the patterns we have seen from the industry average of the selected sample.

Improving driver behavior with real-time verbal coaching

Source: Inthinc According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study, a person who drives as a part of their job is three times more likely to be killed on the job than a person working in a manufacturing environment. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are caused by human error, such as driving recklessly and speeding.

Role of fleet manager changing to one of "mobility manager"

Source: FleetAnswers What is the role of the fleet manager? Traditionally, it has been to manage the fleet vehicles of a company, whether those vehicles are cars, trucks, vans, planes or boats, although land vehicles are by far the most common. However, in recent years, that role has changed. Instead of simply managing the fleet and its drivers, the modern fleet manager is one who handles all travel arrangements. This, then, is creating a new title of "Mobility Manager" or "Fleet and Travel Manager."

Using GPS to track valuable assets

Source: Networkedfleet GPS technology is commonly used for fleet management solutions. It allows businesses to track their vehicles in real time and improve their overall efficiency. Interestingly, this technology can be used to track more than just cars. In fact, many companies use asset tracking to keep tabs on equipment and other valuable items in real time.

Peace of Mind

An infographic look at the many faces of fleet management

Source: Verizon Networkfleet Vehicle tracking systems do more than just track the whereabouts of your assets, they provide business intelligence to decision makers looking to cut costs where they can, improve driver safety, and ultimately improve fleet performance. View Networkfleet's latest infographic that provides insight into how organizations of all sizes can use vehicle tracking to improve efficiency. View the infographic.


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