Safety features are top priorities for auto vehicles

Source: Autoworldnews A survey of site visitors polled by discovered that blind spot detection and rearview mirrors with park assist are the top safety features in the minds of consumers. Other safety features include front crash prevention, adaptive headlines, right lane cameras, and automatic high beams. Read more.   

Recruiting, training, and retaining drivers with technology

Source: CCJ Great article that describes one company's success with online technologies and mobile devices in the recruitment, training, and retention of its drivers. From conversing with drivers in online forums and engaging with them on Facebook to customizing online training programs designed to fit each drivers' training requirements, this company has seen great success in driver recruitment and retention. Read more

Reducing gray fleet miles from business use of personal vehicles

Source: FleetAnswers Do you reimburse your drivers for miles driven in their own vehicles?

How companies are getting the best cost efficiency from their fleets

Source: FleetAnswers Every minute and every mile that a fleet vehicle is in service results in a cost to the fleet owner. Targeting cost-saving at the ground level—such as assuring all drive time of each vehicle is necessary—often pays the biggest dividends.

Here are five proven ways fleet managers have turned to in search of improved profit margins and better fleet efficiency:

Use Technology to Reduce Unnecessary Miles

Fleet driver compensation study: Pay, bonuses and benefits

Source: CCJ The American Trucking Associations will offer a benchmarking tool to let carriers know where they stand in the industry with the release of the 2014 Driver Compensation Study. The study is an evaluation of the way fleets pay their drivers, including bonuses and benefits. Read more.

Upcoming trends and models for medium-duty trucks

Source: Truckinginfo The article examines the latest medium-duty truck offerings and highlights the upcoming 2015 models offered by OEMs. In addition, truck manufacturers weighed in on equipment trends and industry issues. Read more

Automakers working to ensure driver privacy

Source: Sci-techtoday Concerns about driver privacy due to consumer data from GPS and in-vehicle technologies have prompted the Association of Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to work together to write consumer privacy protection principles. This is the first time the industry is working to adopt main concepts to demonstrate a commitment to protecting driver data privacy. Read more

Winter is coming, are you prepared?

Source: FleetAnswers Fall is here, and winter is just around the corner. This is the best time of year to start thinking about tire safety. Tires that are prepared for winter, as well as safe driving practices, can prevent accidents due to tires that slip or falter. Slippery roads are a very real risk this time of year, whether from ice in winter or the heavy fall rains, so it's crucial that tires are at their best.

Safety and efficiency technology

Source: FleetAnswers To keep your drivers as safe as possible and ensure that your vehicles run efficiently, it's crucial that your fleet uses the latest safety technology on your vehicles, and uses it accurately. While technology cannot replace common sense and good driving practices, it can, and should, help the vehicles to function as safely as possible, helping drivers stay aware of potential problems, deter theft and improve visibility on the road.

North American Green Fleet Forum & Green Fleet Expo

Source: Sacramentocleancitiescoalition The Sacramento and East Bay Clean Cities Coalitions present the North American Green Fleet Forum October 15 & 16 at the California Automobile Museum, 2200 Front Street in Sacramento.  This year’s event has something for everyone!


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