Using GPS to track valuable assets

Source: Networkedfleet GPS technology is commonly used for fleet management solutions. It allows businesses to track their vehicles in real time and improve their overall efficiency. Interestingly, this technology can be used to track more than just cars. In fact, many companies use asset tracking to keep tabs on equipment and other valuable items in real time.

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An infographic look at the many faces of fleet management

Source: Verizon Networkfleet Vehicle tracking systems do more than just track the whereabouts of your assets, they provide business intelligence to decision makers looking to cut costs where they can, improve driver safety, and ultimately improve fleet performance. View Networkfleet's latest infographic that provides insight into how organizations of all sizes can use vehicle tracking to improve efficiency. View the infographic.

Get involved in FMCSA's Driver Restart Study

Source: fmcsa Would you like to have an impact? FMCSA is recruiting truck drivers and carriers willing to participate in a Driver Restart Study. This study will measure and analyze the fatigue and safety performance levels of drivers who take two nighttime rest periods during their 34-hour restart break compared to those who take less than two nighttime rest periods during their restart break.

Enhancing workflow through mobile technology

Source: Fleetpoint Field technicians are increasingly using mobile devices for tasks that once required time-intensive phone calls and paperwork. This article looks at the ways mobile technology is transforming the workday in the form of operational efficiency, work-driven collaboration, streamlined service, integration, and tactical planning. Read more.

5 biggest alternative fuel myths

Source: Truckingnewsonline People tend to have mixed opinions about alternative fuels, especially within the trucking industry. This article identifies and debunks the five biggest myths regarding alternative fuels. Read more.

Charging an electric car while driving

Source: Range anxiety, the fear of being left with a drained battery, is one of main reasons keeping people from considering and purchasing an electric vehicle. Goodyear's solution to that problem comes in the form of a concept tire called "BHO3." Read more.

Using technology to help drivers in bad weather conditions

Source: Fleetanswers With winter storms in the northeast making driving treacherous on a regular basis this year, more and more fleet managers are looking for ways they can encourage their drivers to drive safely, while still encouraging on time deliveries. Fleet management technology may provide the answer.

Finding solutions to distracted driving behaviors

Source: IIHS When it comes to distracted driving behaviors, cellphone use is neither the top nor main culprit. A study by IIHS in partnership with Virginia Tech offers insights into other distracting behaviors that drivers often do when they are not using their cellphones and emphasizes the need for a broader strategy when it comes to distracted driving. Read more.

The business of testing EV for demand response

Source: Greentechmedia Southern California Edison has just joined the ranks of other utilities in piloting the use of electric vehicles for grid services. Since each vehicle has a large electrical load, utility companies are interested in figuring out EV owners' level of price sensitivity as well as the balance between what's best for the grid and ensuring the EV has a full battery. Read more.  

The future of EV: Chevrolet announces next-generation Bolt

Source: Chevrolet has confirmed production of its next generation long-range and all-electric vehicle based on the Bolt EV concept. Read about its innovative engineering and design that is designed to push the envelope both technologically and aesthetically. Read more


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