UK survey shows drivers' rising ignorance on vehicle maintenance

Source: Fleetnews Drivers and fleet operators have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are well-maintained and to take vehicle maintenance seriously, especially during winter months. A UK survey revealed an alarming number of drivers do not make or know how to make basic and essential safety checks. Read more.

In 2015, more fleets combining Big Data with video to lessen risk, improve safety

Source: FleetAnswers Big data, when used properly, provides the modern fleet manager with essential skills necessary to make informed decisions about their fleets and improve the overall safety of their fleets. Yet, there's always a desire to do more to make fleets, drivers and vehicles safer. One of the latest innovations hitting the commercial fleet industry is the combination of big data systems with video to improve safety and lower the risk of litigation

Best talking points to introduce GPS fleet tracking to employees

Source: FleetAnswers Introducing fleet tracking to your drivers can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. While you recognize the benefits of this addition, your employees may feel that you are simply trying to "baby sit" them, and you may notice some pushback from your team. Here are some talking points you can use to introduce GPS tracking to employees in a positive manner.

Explain How It Works Clearly

Fleet Safety Tips - Passengers could be a driver distraction

Source: FleetAnswers Much has been written about driver distractions from technology, media and more. Yet one overlooked area of driver safety and distraction, that needs to be addressed, is distractions from passengers. Passengers in the vehicle with your fleet drivers can be just as dangerous of a distraction as a phone or the Apple Watch. 

Fleet Safety Tips - Seat belts in modern fleets

Source: FleetAnswers In an age when new fleet safety technology is hitting the market almost every week, it's easy for fleet managers and drivers alike to forget one of the most important pieces of safety technology already built into their vehicles. This safety feature requires no additional costs and no tech knowledge to run, yet it saves approximately 11,0000 lives a year. What is this amazing piece of safety technology? Surprisingly, it's the simple seat belt.

Protocol to winterize fleet vehicles

Source: FleetAnswers It is not too late to winterize fleet vehicles. A business that relies on a fleet of vehicles must maintain a constant vigilance where preventative maintenance is concerned to protect their assets. There are several avenues of approach to keeping operating costs to a minimum while maintaining the highest dollar per mile average possible.

Considerations when choosing government fleet vehicles

Source: FleetAnswers In a day and age where budgets are continually getting tighter, yet demands on government agencies continue to increase, finding the right vehicle is essential. Today's government fleets simply do not have the extra budget for poor purchase choices.

Reducing total cost of ownership through policy and data

Source: Merchantsfleetmanagement In an episode of Fleetcast, Manager of Strategic Consulting at Merchants Fleet Management, talks about leveraging data and policy to manage maintenance and reduce total cost of ownership. He also details the importance of a data driven philosophy. Read more

Tips to help fleets weather the winter

Source: Marketwatch Ryder System, Inc is sharing best practices for fleet maintenance, fueling, driver training, and driver safety that will keep fleets winter ready this coming winter season, which is predicted to bring below-average temperatures and heavy snowstorms. This article provides a list of tips from Ryder's winter driving preparedness list. Read more.  

Safety features are top priorities for auto vehicles

Source: Autoworldnews A survey of site visitors polled by discovered that blind spot detection and rearview mirrors with park assist are the top safety features in the minds of consumers. Other safety features include front crash prevention, adaptive headlines, right lane cameras, and automatic high beams. Read more.   


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