Policies & Procedures


Safe Driving Policy Example

This policy describes the requirements and management processes to control risks, improve safety performance and increase awareness related to the operation of motor vehicles by all company employees.

Download: Safe Driving Policy Example

Personal Vehicle Policy Example

This policy serves as a guideline for any employee who is involved in an accident or incident while operating a company vehicle, a rental vehicle being used for company business, or a personal vehicle being used to conduct company business.

Download: Personal Vehicle Policy Example

Phone Free Driving Policy Example

This standard describes the requirements and prohibitions for using cell phones and their devices while driving on company business or while driving a company owned, leased, or rented vehicle. The purpose of this standard is to reduce the potential for distraction and promote employee and public safety.

Download: Phone Free Driving Policy Example

Lock Out Policy Example

To protect workers while using equipment/machinery/vehicles for their intended purpose and when repairing the same, this procedure establishes the minimum requirements for the "lock out" of energy sources that could cause injury to workers.

Download: Safe Work Practice Lock Out Policy Example

Driver Vehicle Inspection Policy Example

This report provides a guideline for vehicle operators during their pre- and post-trip inspection on all equipment weighing 10,001 lbs. GVW and larger, including the trailer being pulled, if applicable. 

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Drivers' Public Driving Records Procedure Example

This policy outlines the policy and responsibilities regarding a university's participation in the DMV Employer Pull Notice (EPN) system, as required by the State's CMV Safety Act.

Download: Drivers' Public Driving Records Procedure Example

Electronic Tracking Technology Policy Example

Electronic Tracking Technology allows fleets to monitor vehicle performance, location, elevation, and velocity. This policy provides guidance regarding the use of Electronic Tracking Technology in vehicles from a city's fleet perspective.

Download: Electronic Tracking Technology Policy Example

Motor Vehicle Incident Preventability Example

View the sample guideline in defining and determining MVI preventability

City Fleet Field Support Policy Example

City Fleet Quality Control Policy Example