Specifying Alternative Fuel Vehicles Case Study

Making the case for alternative fuel powered vehicles in fleet operations can be a complex process. In addition to considering potential fuel savings, for example, any return on investment equation must also take into account operator productivity, maintenance needs, technician training, parts, fuel infrastructure and total cost of ownership. Not to be overlooked are available tax credits and state sponsored incentive programs that support these purchases. Several fleets are also moving forward with testing and deployment of alternative fuel powered vehicles.

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Green Garages Case Study

Among the many regulations governing fleet maintenance facilities and operations are rules that mandate effective environmental protection practices. To meet the challenges these regulations present, leading fleets have made shop equipment and design decisions to ensure regulatory compliance and promote environmental friendliness. They have also implemented waste management programs for disposal of materials that could be toxic and routinely provide training for technicians to ensure the effectiveness of environmental protection programs and regulations.

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In-Vehicle Device Policy

This report contains information about the percentage of fleet organizations that have policies regarding in-vehicle use of devices, the nature of the in-vehicle device policies, and the operation of the devices within the vehicle.

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Monitoring and Tracking Vehicle & Equipment Utilization

This report provides information from utility fleets regarding their actions taken to monitor and track vehicle and equipment utilization.

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Take-Home Vehicles as % of Utility Fleet

Find out the percentage of take-home vehicles in utility fleets according to vehicle class types.

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Municipal Vehicle Replacement Trends Survey Report

Find out if municipal fleets are extending their vehicle lifecycle/replacement schedules at a city, county or state level.

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2012 Vehicle Acquisition Survey Report

Find out in the 2012 Vehicle Acquisition Report:

  • The vehicle acquisition strategies and budget of fleet organizations in North America
  • Replacement plan of fleet organizations
  • The role of electric and natural gas vehicles in fleet organizations in the future
  • Manufacturer choice of fleet organizations

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