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Safety & Maintenance


Motor Vehicle Incidents Survey Report

This report shows the different ways fleet professionals in the industry define and measure motor vehicle incidents as well as the strategies used to reduce the number and rate of motor vehicle incidents.

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View the Qualitative Motor Vehicle Incident Benchmark Data (prepared for SCE) and the Industry Accident Classification (kindly provided by PG&E)

Backup Assist Devices

This report measures the effectiveness of backup assist devices in reducing backing accidents.

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First Annual Emergency Vehicle Maintenance Survey Report

Discover the decision making process behind successful emergency maintenance programs and practices, as well as maintenance data of municipal fleets.

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Technicians Case Study

The need to recruit and train vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair technicians is a regular challenge for fleets. To meet this need, fleet managers are turning to a variety of sources and employing a range of effective

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Maintenance Alternatives Case Study

What factors do fleet managers consider when making decisions about whether to perform vehicle maintenance in company shops, outsource work to service locations or bring in a vendor to handle maintenance on-site? Once a choice is made, how do they evaluate in-house or supplier performance to justify their decision, and quantify how productivity and efficiency improvements lead to a measurable return on investment?

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Shop & Technician Productivity Case Study

Improving the productivity of fleet maintenance operations can be a formidable challenge. For the following fleets, representing three different types of utility operations, productivity is being increased without sacrificing quality of work.

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Warranty Programs and Practices Case Study

How important is warranty coverage when specifying new vehicles and equipment for fleet operations? Can the coverage available make or break a deal with a supplier? What trends in warranty coverage and policy items among suppliers do fleets need to consider? For fleet managers, these are the first and some of the most important questions asked when vehicle and equipment needs are being addressed. The value they place on warranty coverage, including extended protection plans offered on many major components, is often deemed as important as the value placed on price, resale value, maintenance requirements and support.

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