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Telematics Survey Report: Providers, Barriers and Preferred Media

This 2014 survey report focused on factors influencing selection of providers, barriers to adopting telematics or GPS, types of media sources fleet managers use to learn about fleet services and effectiveness of communication methods.

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2014 Telematics Uses, Challenges and Opportunities Survey Report

This 2014 survey focused on respondents who use telematics or GPS in their fleet. The survey covers areas they felt worked well and areas that were lacking - key performance indicators, benefits and challenges, return on investment (ROI) and overall satisfaction level.

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Vehicle Replacement Survey points to mileage and age as major factors

Source: FleetAnswers One of the largest expenses fleets face is the expenses they have when replacing a vehicle. Utility fleets often face some of the highest, as their unique vehicles have a high replacement costs. Utilimarc recently surveyed a group of utility companies in the United States and Canada to determine what factors were considered in their replacement policies. Understanding the results of this survey will help fleets who are establishing their own replacement policies make the best decisions for their fleets.

Equipment Rental Process

Read about how utility fleets manage their equipment rental process such as ownership, responsibility behind the rental process, and percentage of annual budget spent on renting equipment and vehicles.

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Recap Tire Programs Survey Report

Learn the effectiveness of a recap tire program versus purchasing new tires.

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Tires Case Study

Tires and tire related maintenance remain one of the highest single costs for fleets of all types and sizes. To address that ongoing challenge, fleet managers are continually focusing on tire specification, purchasing, maintenance and management programs that are most effective for their particular operations.

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Effective Vehicle Remarketing Case Study

When making effective choices for vehicle remarketing, fleet managers are able to consider a variety of alternatives for disposing of used equipment. To employ best practices for their fleets and realize the highest possible resale value, they take into account a number of factors, including available remarketing services and markets for used equipment.

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Parts Management Case Study

For three leading utility fleets, technology has played a key role in streamlining the process of purchasing and managing parts. At the same time, while all three are clearly realizing success in meeting the challenges they have faced in this area of fleet management, they are also finding that carefully chosen but different approaches work most effectively for different types of operations.

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Right Sizing Case Study

State fleet operations are not immune to budgetary pressures that state governments are facing. Fleet managers at these operations, in turn, are closely addressing the need to “right size” fleets by reviewing and changing vehicle acquisition strategies, and evaluating trade cycles and factors that impact purchasing programs. Four state fleet managers address how they are working to field fleets that meet operational needs within budgetary constraints.

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